Different approaches on online consultation by EC: the role of many-to-many

Recently, I’ve seen some novelties in the EC approach to online consultation, moving beyond the official tool “Interactive Policy Making” (basically an online survey tool).

In particular, the most recent consultation on FET attracted my attention as one of the first to have an immediate many to many approach. After the first round of ideas were collected, summaries of the main topics are now published and anyone can add their research recommendations.

This is interesting insofar up to now most of the consultation happened in a “one-to-many” fashion, by asking stakeholders to submit contributions that were only visible to the EC, to be then analysed by the EC and published. See for instance this consultation on ICT driven public innovation.

On the other hand, the many-to-many approach is one of the basic values of web 2.0, helps creating transparency and peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration.

Nothing of this is new, but it’s interesting to see it’s happening, and would be good now to compare the different impact of the two approaches.

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