(Report published) Web2.0 in government: why and how?

So finally our report on the impact of web2 in government has been published. It is the written version of the tutorial held in Lisbon at the Ministerial eGov conference.
You can download it here. I hope you find it of interest.
Feedback is of course welcome here or on ePractice.

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8 Responses to (Report published) Web2.0 in government: why and how?

  1. Alorza says:

    Congratulations, David! I have enjoyed it so much. I like your “working definition of web 2.0″.

    I agree the common mistakes are adopting technology, but not values; not appropiate governance; and, most of all, is a mistake “focussing on developing a proprietary web 2.0 application, while most collaboration/conversation happens outside government websites and/or across applications”. We have to say it everywhere.

  2. osimod says:

    Gracias Alorza. the report is really aimed at people not familiar with web2, and it is very good that also web2 experts such as yourself appreciate it. And of course, I will repeat the concept tomorrow at the ePractice workshop!

  3. Trying to find time to read the report.

    I didn’t know your blog. Congratulations. I have added it yo my reader.

    Found via http://eadminblog.net/post/2008/05/14/web-20-en-la-administracion-publica-por-que-y-como

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  6. La union hace la fuerza…

    [...](Report published) Web2.0 in government: why and how? « Benchmarking e-government in web 2.0[...]…

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